To Finish is to Win

“Climbing through a hemlock and spruce forest, the trail emerges above treeline on tundra and flowered meadows accented by stands of weathered, gnarled hemlocks.  The area was at one time heavily glaciated; now brilliant blue lakes fill every depression, reflecting the snow covered summits of surrounding mountains.” ~ from 55 Ways to the Wilderness in Southcentral Alaska, describing Lost Lake Trail The annual Lost Lake … Continue reading To Finish is to Win

Back To School

Back-to-school season has arrived, which explains both my decreased posts and increased moodiness.  Target’s back-to-school ads in July make me plain irritable, but by August I am ecstatic to purchase supplies for my own children.  What gives?  The same goes for clothing:  buying new pants in a bigger size on an annual basis is exciting for the kids, but not so much for me.  And … Continue reading Back To School

Classic Marriage

Growing up, I would often hear women refer to themselves as “football widows.”  It never resonated with me, since college football was more of a lifestyle than a hobby in my family.  My mother and grandmothers and aunts were very much alive and present on game days, cursing and screaming throughout every play.  In fact, when I look back, the whole world seemed a few … Continue reading Classic Marriage