Silly Strike Ideas

Here are the Silly Strike ideas we used (some were entered more than once to make sure we had enough).  If you come up with other ones, by all means leave them in the comments to help others.

  1.  Bowl while pretending the lane is a tight rope.
  2. After you throw the ball, pretend to puke!
  3. Predict how many pins you will knock down.
  4. Snort like a pig when you bowl.
  5. Bowl with someone else’s ball.
  6. Bowl in super fast speed – like you are on fast-forward.
  7. Spin around before throwing the ball.
  8. Bowl like a robot!
  10. Bowl like a t-rex
  11. Sing “Happy Birthday” when you throw the ball.
  12. Bounce the ball off the bumpers at least two times.
  13. Bowl like a gorilla.
  14. Bowl with the opposite hand.
  15. After you throw the ball, do a wiggle dance until the pins fall.
  16. Bowl criss-cross applesauce.
  17. Scream “I LOVE MY MOM!” as you throw the ball.
  18. Bowl between someone else’s legs.
  19. Blow kisses to the bowling pins.
  20. Throw the ball, and then do jumping jacks until the first pin falls.
  21. Bowl with your eyes closed.
  22. Bowl on your tip-toes.
  23. Sit down and bowl with your feet.
  24. Bowl backwards.
  25. Bowl in slow motion.
  26. After you throw the ball, say the ABC’s before the first pin falls.
  27. Bowl with a silly walk.
  28. Bowl between your legs.
  29. Bowl with the opposite hand.