About Ordinary Me

3-31-2013 easter familyI live a very ordinary life in a somewhat extraordinary place, but for the most part I’m a regular old mother, daughter, wife, and friend.  I’m an Alaskan transplant, but I still have very deep Nebraskan roots.  I’m also a sibling, granddaughter, aunt, and niece.  A student and teacher, librarian and reader.  Nothing terribly profound.  So why this blog?

For the most part, I write for my children, so they can someday look back upon their childhoods through their mother’s lens.  To document their milestones, because a person’s own stories are always profound.

But I also write for myself.  Writing has always been my way to vent, brainstorm, cope, celebrate, and share.  It’s time spent doing something I love, and this blog has become my personal playground, scrapbook, diary, and reluctant stage.

It’s where I come to mull over the regular events of our family’s life, in the hopes that I can occasionally rearrange the ordinary into something profound.

2 thoughts on “About Ordinary Me

  1. I greatly appreciate your blog entry on your son’s bowling birthday party in 2012. I am getting ready for my son’s seventh birthday party at local bowling alley and was lost on party ideas. I love the shirts, snack and silly bowling game ideas. I am trying very hard to make the shirts work so I can use them for favors rather than junky stuff that will just be thrown away later. I wanted your advise on how to avoid the fabric bleed through. Did you experience the same? How did you make it work out so well? Any advice is so greatly appreciated. Enjoy Alaska…

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the bowling party ideas! I’m glad to share as I got most of my ideas from other people too. 🙂 As for the shirts… hmm… I didn’t have fabric bleed through problems. The brand I used was Jolee’s Easy Image from Michael’s. I made sure not to use an ironing board, and to put the tissue paper over the transfer. Also my transfers said to use the cotton setting without steam. If I remember correctly, my mistake on the first few shirts was pressing too hard. This caused circular bumps on the transfer where the holes were under the iron. I hope you are able to figure out the transfers, because they did make darling party favors! Good luck and have fun at your party!

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