Green Pastures

If you ever find yourself in need of a good fairy tale, just flip on a commercial for one of those big box home improvement stores. Lowe’s and Home Depot would like us to believe that home projects are magical family bonding experiences.  Have you seen the Lowe’s commercial featuring a young, attractive couple skipping through the store aisles before giddily loading their truck with … Continue reading Green Pastures

Homer Sea Week: The Prelude

This weekend we participated in “Homer Sea Week” with our children’s school community.  It was a 3-day family field trip, and nearly all of our kids’ classmates made the 5-hour trek to Homer to explore tidepools, observe shorebirds, and connect with other families. The teachers put together an amazing activity booklet to entertain kids on the long drive to Homer.  It was decorated with student … Continue reading Homer Sea Week: The Prelude

Bunnies and Pachyderms

On Sunday Clark decided to take the kids hunting. A light dusting of snow had fallen the day before, so apparently the conditions were ripe for tracking without trudging. Clark has been dreaming about this day since the kids were conceived (probably longer) just as much as I’ve been dreading it. Don’t get me wrong:  I’m grateful Sam and Maggie have a dad whose greatest … Continue reading Bunnies and Pachyderms

Classic Marriage

Growing up, I would often hear women refer to themselves as “football widows.”  It never resonated with me, since college football was more of a lifestyle than a hobby in my family.  My mother and grandmothers and aunts were very much alive and present on game days, cursing and screaming throughout every play.  In fact, when I look back, the whole world seemed a few … Continue reading Classic Marriage