Tree Day 2016

No matter how busy life gets, our family will always make time for our annual Christmas tree excursion.  This December’s weekend commitments included soccer games, horse chores, birthday parties, book club, gobs of homework, a band concert, and a debate tournament.  No matter.  We blocked out one lone Sunday on the calendar and headed to the woods. Good choice. Sunrise isn’t until 10 AM this time … Continue reading Tree Day 2016

Do-Si-Do’in with Justin Beaver

It’s a long story and far from ideal, but our children (grades K and 2) attend different elementary schools.  Hopefully it’s a short term scenario, but for the most part it’s going okay.  That is, until today.  Both schools were hosting dances tonight: a square dance at Maggie’s school, and a pre-prepubescent Valentine’s dance complete with a DJ at Sam’s.  What to do? The kids … Continue reading Do-Si-Do’in with Justin Beaver