Gratitude Day 1: Maggie & Marley

There is a Gratitude Challenge going around on Facebook right now.  It encourages people to spend a few minutes each day reflecting upon their blessings, and then posting about them.  Last week I was nominated, and I have decided to accept the challenge. Sorta. I am blessed to say that listing 15 things, people, moments, or experiences for which I am grateful is an easy task. … Continue reading Gratitude Day 1: Maggie & Marley

Get Lit: And the Mountains Echoed

I’ve decided that my monthly book club meetings (and corresponding dinners) are so incredible that it’s time to start blogging them up.  My Get Lit book club has been gathering for nearly a decade, and our monthly meetings always fill my tank. Last year we were too careless with our title selections.  Our rambunctious, festive meetings became so much fun that selecting the next title … Continue reading Get Lit: And the Mountains Echoed

All Buggy Eyed

I tell our children that reading is a gift.  A gift that cannot be stolen, and one they will have for life.  I firmly believe it, too.  History has a tragic track record of denying people the right to read in an attempt to prevent them from revolting against oppression. Ironically, there are many amazing books that best illustrate this point. Take Nightjohn by Gary … Continue reading All Buggy Eyed