What’s in a Name?

I’ve been having so much fun with this blogging – both the writing and learning WordPress – that I decided to buy my own domain name and switch over to WordPress.org so I can get more creative with the design.  I’m taking an online WordPress course this summer, and I have so much to learn.  Can’t wait to dive in!

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, as it turns out) my blog’s .com name was snatched up by some dude in Illinois a few weeks after I opened my WordPress account.  What he plans to do with fengschwa.com (and .org and .net and .info) I have no idea, but he can have it.  The name always gave me a chuckle, but my sense of humor is obviously not universal.  When I’d finally get up the gumption to share my blog with someone, the news was usually met with a wrinkled brow and questioning eyes.  Feng what?  I’d quickly have to explain the Feng Schwa play on words… and always felt a smudge of embarrassment.  Not the most resounding endorsement of my own creation!

So I spent the first weekend of my summer vacation with a thesaurus, pen, paper, and some major brainstorming sessions.  In the end I decided to change the name to Profoundly Ordinary, a phrase I used in my very first entry.  When I think of the purpose and of this blog, it’s simply to write about my profoundly ordinary life.  Sometimes it leans a bit more toward the profound, other days are plain old ordinary.  But honestly, I’d like to capture it all.

It looks like I have successfully transferred everything to my sparkly new domain:  profoundlyordinary.com.  Welcome!

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