Hail Summer!

I still vividly remember sitting in a classroom at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln back in 1992ish.  It was a small course at the Teacher’s College, and the professor asked the 30 or so of us why we wanted to become educators.  One curmudgeonly old dude (he was probably 30) raised his hand and said, “Three reasons:  June, July, and August.”  Half the class laughed, but I was disgusted by his response.  I shook my idealistic head, knowing I would be different.  I aspired to be one of those teachers who could make a real difference.

Fast forward through 18 years in education, and now I welcome – with open arms – the blessing that is June, July, and August.  It’s not to say that I’ve dropped my ideals, and it definitely calls for disciplined budgeting.  But the truth is that summer is priceless.  I get my kids back.  The rat race slows to a tortoise crawl, and we have control of the rules.  I have time for my house, my health, my hobbies.

This summer I have simple goals:

1.  Relish my children, and dedicate special time to them… every day.
2.  Exercise… every day.  Maybe I can learn to enjoy it?
3.  Clean something… anything…. every day.  Wash sheets, organize a pantry, vacuum a floor… just do something!
4.  Prepare healthy meals for my family… most days.  How nice it will be for Clark to come home without the daily “what’s for dinner” dilemma?
5.  Drink more water and less beer… week days.  A girl has to be realistic, after all.

So far we are off to a great start.  We’ve had play dates, painting sessions, Harry Potter read alouds, Little House snuggle fests, hikes, picnic lunches, salads galore, clean sheets, and even went bowling.  (I bowled a 177 today… and not on the Wii!!)

Oh summer… bring it on!

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