This morning Maggie asked me a very serious question.

“Mama, do you know how I put this outfit together?”

I was in the middle of brushing my teeth, and glanced at her with a foamy mouth.  “Tell me, ” I replied.

First she pointed to her leggings.   “Puppies…” she declared.

Next she pointed to her flowered skirt.  “Playing in the garden…”

Lastly, she pointed to her shirt.  “…WITH BUTTERFLIES!!!” she happily exclaimed, with far more joy than I ever feel when getting dressed.

Puppies playing in the garden with butterflies.


Maybe she’s onto something.  Colors, fabrics and patterns seem pretty inconsequential when you can make your clothes tell a story:


P.S.:  She said the socks don’t really mean anything.  They are just dots.


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