Back to simpler times

After all the big water, ocean going boating experiences this summer I cannot describe how great it felt to be back on the Kenai River last weekend.  We’ve had our little raft almost as long as we’ve been in Alaska, and it’s been the vessel for many memories:  getting engaged on the Gulkana River, Clark’s float hunts on the King Salmon, and camping with a grizzly bear on the Kenai. We’ve floated with grandparents and friends, aunts and uncles, parents and cousins.  It’s where the kids catch fish and the dogs run free.  Good times.

Simpler times.


The kids loved it all over again.  We’ve named all of our favorite gravel bars and pull outs along the river, and from Camera Stop to Bear Island to yodeling under the Halfway Bridge they remembered them all.

IMG_3451 IMG_3462 IMG_3467 IMG_3477

It was the first time for Tess on the raft, and she did great.  She ran like a banshee every time we stopped, and she was alert and sniffing while we floated.  She still doesn’t love the water, but she did finally swim!

IMG_3458 IMG_3453

Just listen to the laughter… this day was a gift!

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