Gratitude Challenge: Intermission

I’m late posting my fourth gratitude.

The shame!!  The guilt!

First it was because the History Channel aired a two hour documentary about marijuana legalization, which is a topic on Alaska’s ballot next month.  Clark and I carved out some time to watch it and have a grown up conversation (imagine that).  It didn’t leave much time for publishable blogging.

The next night was due to college football.  #2 Oregon was upset.  I mean honestly, who can blog through such a celebratory event?!

Last night I went to the movie Gone Girl with my book club buddies.

I love the concept of this 15 day Gratitude Challenge, but I should have stuck to the abbreviated Facebook version!  I am a shockingly slow writer.  It takes me all of two seconds to think of a topic for my gratitude, but then another 3-4 hours to write about it.  Honoring my topic takes time, from wordsmithing and photo selections to revisions and reflections.

Some people can knock out a blog post in no time, but that is just not my reality.  My reality is I don’t start writing until 9 PM after the kids are in bed, and I need to catch a few zzzz’s myself before my alarm blares at 5:50 AM.

Will I finish my self-imposed 15 Day Gratitude Challenge?  Absolutely.  Will I do it in 15 days?  Absolutely not.

Finding balance has always been one of my biggest challenges, but I know it’s a vital part of happiness.  To find that balance between the things we want to do and the things we have to do.  To make time for family, friends, work, and yourself too, especially when it doesn’t seem like there’s enough time in the day.

The gratitude challenge is easy, but finding that balance… now that is a real challenge!

Now I’m off to clean the house (I’m grateful to have one) because we have friends (we’re lucky to have them) coming to watch the football game this afternoon.  Hopefully at the end of the day we will be grateful for another Husker win!

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