Gratitude #10: Time

Today, finally, I am grateful for time.  It’s the first day of winter break, and for the next two weeks life gets to slow down.  Even amidst the craziness of the holidays, there is more time for the things that matter.  Time to cook real breakfasts and eat better dinners.  Time to take walks before the sun sets.  Time to read, and time to write.  And time to catch up, on fun stuff like photo albums and not-so-fun stuff like housework.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even get Christmas (or I’d better make that New Year’s) cards out this year.

A big chai tea cheers to this beautiful first morning.  College football is on the tv and the kids are belting out Christmas tunes on the piano.  There is a fresh coat of snow to explore after breakfast, and I’m spending the afternoon sewing Christmas pajamas with friends.  Not a bad start to this wonderful staycation!



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