A Puppy Party

We have officially survived a full year of puppyhood with Tess!

In retrospect, we should have purchased stock in Costco paper towels, Resolve carpet cleaner, and ridiculous Petco dog toys.  Maybe we still should?  Our little Labrador may look full-sized, but she is still a puppy at heart.  She likes to pop soccer balls, chomp on XtraTufs, and play hide and seek with our socks.

Despite her antics, the kids started talking about Tess’s birthday months ago, so I knew the day would not pass without a special celebration.

Maggie and I baked some canine cupcakes for the big event… safe for dogs, disgusting for humans, and topped with Milk Bones.


Since Tess is one, she was only allowed to invite one friend to her party.  Of course she picked her best bud Bonnie, a yellow lab she’s been playing with since she was a few months old.


The party was complete with gifts – which we threw in a box.


Since Tess has popped a ridiculous amount of soccer balls, the kids picked out a dog toy that looks like a soccer ball.  She loves it!


When it was time for cake, the dogs sat patiently and waited for their treats:

IMG_4769 IMG_4773

I couldn’t ignore the fact that Tess was born on April Fool’s Day.  As we baked her pupcakes, I promised the kids a special pan of brownies to celebrate our brown dog’s birthday.

Let’s just say they weren’t impressed with my “Brown-E’s” !!  April Fool’s!!!

IMG_4753 IMG_4756

Luckily our friend saved the day by coming with a much tastier dessert – a bone shaped rice krispie treat!


I’m not sure we’ll hold doggie birthday parties every year, but I must admit it was kinda fun.  Happy Birthday Tess!

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