Home Safe

Today I’m grateful to be home safe and off the roads.

Snow days in Alaska are rare… I get that.  Other states call off school based on a meteorologist prediction, but not us.  We can be in the midst of an ice storm at 4 AM and still refuse to cancel school at 7 AM.  Because it might improve?

It’s the ultimate no win situation for a superintendent.  Last minute school closures are a huge inconvenience for working families with young children.  Dangerous road conditions are a nightmare for everyone.  No matter what decision he makes, nearly half the public will be pissed.

Today was a perfect storm for our family.

A) We live on a curvy mountain road,
B)  My husband bought a new truck yesterday,
C) Said truck came with summer tires

Since we purchase a new vehicle approximately every 13 years, perhaps we should reevaluate our skepticism about superstitions?

Luckily we are all home safe tonight, and for that I am grateful.

I’m setting my alarm a wee bit earlier for tomorrow, and crossing my fingers for an easier morning commute!


Photo credit:  Jason Sear/KTVA

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