Celebrating Sam

We celebrated 12 years of Sam this summer.  Here’s the annual time capsule summary of this child we love beyond words:

He’s pensive.  He soaks in so much of what he hears and observes, and quietly reflects on it for days and weeks.

What wit!  What laughter!  His sense of humor is wise beyond his years, yet he still loves potty humor YouTube videos.  Either way, it’s pretty fun to watch him erupt into infectious giggles.

If you need a toilet cleaned, this is your kid.  If you need a room vacuumed, I suggest you look elsewhere.  He can vacuum an entire room in 30 seconds flat and that is *not* a compliment.

He adores his dog.  Tess is quite possibly the most loved chocolate Labrador on the planet.

He carefully contemplates world events.  He’s only 12, but he follows the upcoming presidential election as carefully as NFL standings.

He can’t wait for middle school, and he is sooo ready.

He would waste his entire adolescent life playing Minecraft or Clash of Clans if we let him.  He simply cannot monitor his own screen time yet.

He’s so curious… about everything.  What’s tuberculosis, Mom?  Can I get Vitamin D through a window, Grandpa?  Can you help me with pre-algebra, Dad?

He spends more time in front of the mirror these days.  The shower is filled with Axe products, and he actually asked for hair gel.

He’s re-reading Harry Potter.  Compulsively.

Nike.  He’s a walking billboard for the company.

His vision is technically 20/20, but he may as well be blind if you ask him to find a pair of shoes in the closet, gallon of milk in the fridge, or homework assignment in his backpack.

He is obsessed with soccer.  The kid can’t even walk to the refrigerator without kicking his ball the entire way.  He idolizes Christiano Ronaldo, and spends countless hours perfecting trick kicks (such as the “rainbow”) in our backyard.

He’s brilliant.  He’s maddening.  He’s handsome.  He’s athletic.  He’s scatterbrained.  He’s complicated.  He’s something special.

He’s 12.


We were in Nebraska for his birthday this year, so his celebration was a bit atypical.  For starters, we celebrated twice!  First, we had an early party with (almost) all of Sam’s grandparents.  Only his great-grandma Sophie was missing from the celebration, but she was still tuckered out from her big 100th birthday party.  I’d say that’s a pretty good excuse!

We are so blessed that our children have three great-grandmothers, two grandmas, and one grandpa to shower them with love and wisdom.  I absolutely cherish this photo:


Sam was flabbergasted when we gave him his first laptop computer at this celebration!  It’s an 11″ Dell Inspiron/Windows 10.  Much of his middle school assignments will be submitted via Google Classroom, so this will be a great tool for his 7th grade year.


It hurt my heart that I didn’t bake his cake (for the first year ever) but life is busy when we travel and this Dairy Queen ice cream cake was a yummy hit.


On his actual birthday, we headed to Omaha for a Stormchasers Baseball Game.  He loved throwing a ceremonial first pitch, but was *not* happy that it was mascot day.

IMG_2700 IMG_2729

Apparently posing with “Sir Loin” and “Runza Rex” isn’t cool when you’re 12.  Whoops.  And being serenaded by all of them on the jumbo tron?  Double whoops.

Mom, that would have been cool when I was, like, SIX!” he exclaimed afterwards.

Oh tweenagers… so easy to torture!


Clark had to fly back to Alaska before the ball game, but Sam was still surrounded by family.  In addition to grandparents, my brother and his girls drove up from Missouri to help him celebrate, and my sister and her boyfriend made it to the ball field as well.


A highlight for Sam was temporarily taking the lead in the pitch speed contest.  Sadly, some brute 12 year old ended up winning with a 53 MPR fastball!


It was wickedly hot, so we were all happy to escape the heat and go play an air conditioned game of laser tag, and ended the day with cards back at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

IMG_2721 IMG_2726

Happiest of Happy Birthdays to our son!  We love you!

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