Plumbing, Plungers, & Plagiarism

It all started with a leaky kitchen faucet. Little drips, little problems. Clark determined that the faucet needed to be replaced, and I got to thinking how nice it would be to replace the sink as well. I successfully argued that a single basin sink would be more practical, especially when it came to soaking pizza pans, rib racks, and sticky smoked salmon grates. Now … Continue reading Plumbing, Plungers, & Plagiarism

Green Pastures

If you ever find yourself in need of a good fairy tale, just flip on a commercial for one of those big box home improvement stores. Lowe’s and Home Depot would like us to believe that home projects are magical family bonding experiences.  Have you seen the Lowe’s commercial featuring a young, attractive couple skipping through the store aisles before giddily loading their truck with … Continue reading Green Pastures

Alder Slaughter… Success!

It’s amazing what heavy equipment can do.  This weekend the excavator arrived, and the alders met their match.  Don’t get me wrong:  remnants of their roots are still lurking beneath the surface, so I know the war is not over.  But I do feel like we’ve won round one of the battle. The hill out front is nearly ready for seed.  Quick recap: here is … Continue reading Alder Slaughter… Success!

At Least We Smell Like We Went Camping

I type tonight with dirty fingernails, weary muscles, and sunburned skin.  It is Memorial Day weekend, and for that I am grateful.  Especially grateful to the men – my grandfathers included – and women who fought to make this a country where we can all make our own choices about most anything one can choose to make a choice about.  Thank you. This weekend we … Continue reading At Least We Smell Like We Went Camping