For the Birds: The Finale!

Today we delivered Maggie’s donations to Anchorage’s Bird Treatment and Learning Center.  Instead of birthday gifts, Maggie’s classmates brought everything from bleach to toilet paper to help stock the supply cabinet at the Bird TLC. The Bird TLC volunteers and employees were so appreciative that they offered Sam and Maggie a mini tour of their facility.  The kids met a crow (yes, a crow… not … Continue reading For the Birds: The Finale!

For the Birds: Part I

It’s fun to watch our children develop interests that are completely and uniquely their own.  So it goes with our bird-loving daughter, who since the age of two has enjoyed the caw of ravens and the scavenging of magpies.  Now that she’s older we drive past a marsh each day, which is alive with seagulls, swans, terns, and geese.  At Christmas we gave her a … Continue reading For the Birds: Part I