For the Birds: The Finale!

Today we delivered Maggie’s donations to Anchorage’s Bird Treatment and Learning Center.  Instead of birthday gifts, Maggie’s classmates brought everything from bleach to toilet paper to help stock the supply cabinet at the Bird TLC.

Look at the loot for the Bird TLC!

The Bird TLC volunteers and employees were so appreciative that they offered Sam and Maggie a mini tour of their facility.  The kids met a crow (yes, a crow… not a raven), bald eagles, and great horned owl.

My kids were fully engaged audience members, in a borderline annoying sort of way.  Maggie kept interjecting:

“Have you ever met Peabody at the Alaska Zoo?”
“How many sticks of millet can I give my parakeets?”
“Can Hal fly?”
“My favorite bird is a Magpie even though they eat other baby bird eggs.”
“Great horned owls don’t really have horns, just feathers and ears.”
“Can I go upstairs?”
(Some questions were better than others.)

Hal, a permanent resident and educational bird at the Bird TLC
Done with donations!

It was a nice way to end our seemingly week-long Bird Day celebration.  Maggie may not have received gifts galore at her party, but she certainly got a real life gift today with the tour.  Thank you, Anchorage Bird TLC!  We will be back!

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