Branching Out

My friend Nancy has a way of drawing me waaaaay out of my comfort zone. In hindsight, this has been going on for nearly two decades. Exhibit A: In our pre-kid days we spent a leisurely afternoon hiking the Winner Creek trail in Girdwood, only to cap it off by spontaneously launching ourselves off Mt. Alyeska in tandem paragliders. I wish I had better photos, … Continue reading Branching Out

A September to Remember

Woah.  We packed it in last month!  Life was at times overwhelmingly busy, but looking back I can’t think of one experience I would take off the table! It all started Labor Day weekend with an overnight excursion to our friend’s Bonnie Lake cabin.  Boating, bonfires, and orienteering made for happy kids.  Fresh air and fetch games made for happy dogs.  And all of the … Continue reading A September to Remember

To Finish is to Win

“Climbing through a hemlock and spruce forest, the trail emerges above treeline on tundra and flowered meadows accented by stands of weathered, gnarled hemlocks.  The area was at one time heavily glaciated; now brilliant blue lakes fill every depression, reflecting the snow covered summits of surrounding mountains.” ~ from 55 Ways to the Wilderness in Southcentral Alaska, describing Lost Lake Trail The annual Lost Lake … Continue reading To Finish is to Win