Toothless Again

It’s not Christmas, but someone in our house is asking for a few front teeth.  Both of Maggie’s have fallen out in the past two weeks, and we are embracing her stereotypical 6-year-old grin: I snapped photos of Maggie’s tooth fairy letters before they were whisked away by the little winged creature, but the fairy keeps ignoring her request to leave a picture.  Hmph.  At … Continue reading Toothless Again

Goodbye chaos? I still need a tissue…

I really, truly suck at goodbyes.  My stomach starts churning anxiously a few days before any dreaded farewell, and I frequently find myself sneaking off to the bathroom to blot tears from my eyes.

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to the girls.  It has been two great weeks, and their parents missed them desperately.  We all knew they needed to go home, but that didn’t make it any easier.

Damn I love those girls!

I hate how spread out our families are, but must admit that when we do get together it is quality.  We cram at least a year’s worth of memories into the week (or two!) that we carve out each year.

We made the absolute most of our Cousin Week bonus days.  We explored small town swimming pools, celebrated the 4th of July together, played games galore, and visited the Omaha Children’s Museum.

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