Maui & Mahalo

There was absolutely nothing traditional about our family Thanksgiving in Maui, and we were all just fine with that.  While many folks spent the day wiping their floury brows in an overheated kitchen, we spent the afternoon dusting sand from our legs in the warm sunshine on the beach.  We made sand creatures instead of desserts and played in the ocean instead of watching football.

11-22-2012 beach (13)
Sandy the Sea Turtle
11-22-2012 beach (22)
Maggie the Mermaid
The college kids up the beach worked all morning on a sandy replica of their Thanksgiving meal.

That’s not to say we didn’t go all out with the meal – we just chose one that wouldn’t consume our entire day.  Prime rib, with one of my brother’s perfect rubs, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, and one of mom’s fresh salads.  The kids set the condo tables:

11-22-2012 dinner 2
Adult dining on the lanai
11-22-2012 thanksgiving dinner (10)
Happy kids’ table
11-22-2012 thanksgiving dinner (13)

The only bummer is we were spread out amongst three different tables, so we didn’t get a chance to go around and share what we were thankful for before we dug into the meal.  But really, I think we all knew…



Mahalo, Maui!

One thought on “Maui & Mahalo

  1. What wonderful memories your children will have. They are so lucky to have the parents and grandparents that they have! Love you much

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