Sunset Tragedy

Last night I was so taken with the sunset over Turnagain Arm that I decided to snap a few pictures:

 turnagain arm sunset alaska turnagain arm sunset alaska  turnagain arm sunset alaska turnagain arm sunset alaska

I had no idea that I was also capturing a tragic moment.

The Seward Highway, which parallels this beautiful inlet, has been named a National Scenic Byway because of its breathtaking beauty.

Sadly, this highway is also known for deadly car crashes.

As I was snapping sunset photos I noticed the lack of traffic on the highway below.  A quick scan of the road revealed flashing red and blue lights, no doubt police officers diverting traffic, and huge white strobe lights for the investigators at the scene.  A quick check of the news confirmed the severity of the situation:  it was another fatality.

I stopped taking photos.  Moments later, the sun set.

For most of us, the sun rose again this morning.  How insulting that must be for those who are in the throes of grief?

Today the highway was open again,  most drivers blazing by with no knowledge of last night’s tragedy on the pavement below.  For me, it felt like a sacrilege to drive over the scarring skid marks, and I winced at the obvious signs of disarray in the ditch.  Most evidence had been removed, but the pain for those involved must be horribly fresh.

I kept glancing in the rear view mirror at my beautiful children.  Losing them – or being lost to them – is beyond comprehension.  I couldn’t reach them, so I gripped my steering wheel extra tight for the entire drive to school.

When the name of the victim was released, I learned she was only 29.  By this afternoon bouquets of flowers lined the highway, diverting my eyes from those horrible skid marks.  I didn’t know her, but I drive this same road every day and feel compelled to add a bouquet from our family as well.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved.

One thought on “Sunset Tragedy

  1. How terrible for you. Your posts are so vivid, I feel like I am with you. I even feel the sorrow. Know you are loved! Gramma

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