No Fireworks Necessary

We avoided the crowds and spent the 4th of July with friends at their family cabin on a lake.  Sunscreen was mandatory on this incredibly warm weekend, with temperatures pushing 80 degrees.  Usually I take our children back to Nebraska in the summer so they can enjoy outdoor swimming, but on days like this it’s actually possible right here in Alaska!

The kids bounced between swimming, paddle boating, badminton, kickball, fishing, shooting BB guns, riding four wheelers, hiking, and playing fetch with the dogs.  No mind numbing electronic devices allowed, or even requested.  That alone made the weekend a success for me!

Not one of the kids even asked about fireworks.  It’s just as well, because even the best pyrotechnic display couldn’t have competed with the booming laughter of our children or the explosive beauty of the scenery that surrounded us.

Happy Birthday USA!  Alaska may have been late coming to the party, but we’re so happy to be part of the club.

IMG_1758IMG_1782 IMG_17887-4-2014 bonnie lake7-4-2014 bonnie lake2 IMG_1813 IMG_1819

IMG_1802 IMG_1798

One thought on “No Fireworks Necessary

  1. Looks like the kids had a blast (no pun intended!) You are so lucky to have such a great network of friends there!

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