Gratitude #6: The Hubs

Today I’m feeling particularly grateful for my husband, who is currently at the grocery store rounding up everything we need for dinner tonight.  We tag team meals a lot – both the cooking and the shopping.

It’s been a weekend full of gratitude with him.  The kids didn’t have school Friday, so he stayed home with them and offered to watch a friend’s daughter as well.  That night I hosted book club, so he ran away as soon as all the ladies started to arrive.  When he came home several hours later there was an epic mess in the kitchen.  He quietly took care of the dishes and leftovers while we all kept chatting away in the living room.

This morning I woke to the smell of a delicious breakfast skillet filled with eggs, onions, bell peppers, hash browns and spicy sausage.  We ate together, and then he promptly whipped up a batch of waffles from scratch for the kids.

This afternoon Maggie was having a meltdown at the piano, and my patience was tapped.  He calmly ushered her upstairs for a chat.  I have no idea what he said to her up there, but she’s been a normal human ever since.

I think it’s so important that we model this teamwork for our children.  Mommies don’t do all the cooking and cleaning, and Daddies don’t do all the yardwork.  We both work full time outside of the house, so it takes both of us to keep life sane inside the house as well.

I’ve gotta admit, he’s one of the good guys.

And that makes me one of the lucky gals.


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