Homer Sea Week: Round 2

Homer Sea Week is a biennial tradition our kids’ school, and this was our family’s second time participating.


Two years ago the kids were in 1st and 3rd grades and we stalked them most every minute.  (Flashback post can be found here.)

Now they are two years older – 3rd and 5th grade – so we let them roam the beach more independently, but we weren’t above spying and eavesdropping as necessary.

Luckily they aren’t too embarrassed of their dorky parents yet, and we took some nice family walks along the beach.

IMG_0101 IMG_0130 IMG_0154 IMG_0152 IMG_0216 IMG_0125 IMG_0230 IMG_0270

IMG_0197     IMG_0206

We saved starfish, counted crabs and observed anemones on Bishop’s Beach.  There was plenty of good bird watching as well, from eagles to crows and LBJ’s.

IMG_0135 IMG_0127 IMG_0244 IMG_0263

This year we rented an RV, which was waaaay more fun and shockingly more affordable than the hotel.


Tess loved romping on the beach, lounging by the RV, and (for some reason) eating barnacles…

IMG_0121 IMG_0070 IMG_0129  IMG_0279

I can’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day… Homer is a special place!IMG_0210

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