Our Little Angels

It’s baseball season again, and this year Sam and Maggie are on the same team.  Boy does that make life easier!


Last year we hardly ever got to attend games as a family, since we were always split between two different fields.  This year it’s so nice to cheer them on at the same time!  Here are some pictures with Sam on 2nd base, and Maggie on 1st.



Sam climbed onto the pitcher’s mound again this season and is doing great:

IMG_0531 IMG_0474

Maggie can most often be found crouching behind home plate as the catcher:

IMG_0532 IMG_0481

Best of all, Clark can be found all over the field as the team’s coach!

IMG_0551 IMG_0545

It’s a great group of kids and parents, and the season is off to a fun start.  Baseball in the sunshine is a glorious thing!  Go Angels!

IMG_0513 IMG_0522

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