Mr. President

Election season came early to our household, but fortunately student council candidates aren’t allowed to make robo calls.  Instead, they spend copious hours designing posters, writing speeches, and begging for button making machines.  Sam ran for President, and Maggie for Sergeant at Arms.

We are so proud of them both!  Maggie didn’t make it to the final round this time, but her disappointment didn’t dampen the support and encouragement she showed her brother.  She even offered to color his campaign posters as she listened to him rehearse his speech.  Her sportsmanship and devotion warmed my heart!

Sam wrote his speech himself, and delivered it with confidence in front of the entire student body:

The next morning he learned that his campaign was successful, and he was all smiles.

sam campaign poster

Congratulations, Mr. President!  We trust you will be an excellent leader and role model in the coming year.  You have a wise, kind soul… and that’s a good start.  We could not be more proud!!

2 thoughts on “Mr. President

  1. You must be so proud of Sam. I know I am.!! What a great start for his career. He will probably be president of a lot of things. Love you much!!! Gramma

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