Our Little Entrepreneurs

Today I’m grateful for our little entrepreneurs.  Not only do I love hearing about their business ventures, but the vast amount of time it takes to draw up a business plan usually means I get to cook dinner in peace.

“Mom, we’re starting a plow business!” the kids declared tonight.  I was chopping veggies, but of course listened intently as they told me about their plans to shovel neighborhood driveways for half the cost of local plow services, which apparently run at $40 a pop.

It was ironic timing, because today a neighbor down the road sent an email asking if we knew of plow companies that serviced our area.  I told the kids they should leash up the dog and do a little recon on this lady’s driveway.

I chopped in peace, and 30 minutes later they returned with red cheeks and a panting dog.  They had scoped out every driveway up and down the street, and decided they could easily shovel them for $20 each.

I hated to be skeptical, but I’d seen them spend entire Saturday afternoons struggling to shovel our deck.  They’d done their research, but perhaps they were short on experience?  Or stamina?

“Maybe you should practice on our driveway right now,” I suggested.  “Do you think you could shovel it all before Dad gets home from work?”

They were so confident, they rushed right out to get started!


As I finished cooking dinner, I couldn’t help but reflect upon their previous business ventures.

A few years ago it was SMAG’S CROCHET COMPANY.  Sam learned to crochet in school, and quickly taught Maggie.  They had a great flier but no inventory, or even samples.  At least they anticipated complaints.


Next was the cookie baking business.  This was all talk and I don’t recall a flier.

Next was Pooper Scoopers, which specialized in pet waste removal.  That flier was hilarious, but I can’t find it anywhere.  I do recall asking why they wanted to create a business that capitalized on their least favorite chore?

This fall they tried to launch a dog walking service, but we put the kibosh on that endeavor.  Their first obligation is to their own dog, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to fully exercise that pup!

Which brings us to the snow removal service.  I’m not sure what they hope or plan to do with all this potential income, but I do admire their innovation.

We only received a few inches of snow, but they shoveled their little hearts out.  After 45 minutes they were halfway done:


To their credit, our driveway also has two parking pads that were finished.  They made much more progress than this photo implies!

They wanted to keep working, but Clark told them that labor laws mandated a dinner break.

Sam lamented that not one of their businesses have yet made a profit.  (Or cent.)  We said give it time.  One of these ideas is sure to take off!

Now to get out there and finish shoveling that driveway…

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