Movin’ On Up

Another chapter in the book of Time Flies is now complete:  Sam has officially “graduated” from elementary school.

His school honored the occasion with two separate ceremonies.  First, there was a program for the Open Optional families, where each 6th grader gave a speech in front of the parents and younger classes.  This was followed by a fun slideshow of students from kindergarten through 6th grade.

Two days later we attended a Movin’ On Ceremony for all the 6th grade classes.  At the last minute, Sam was asked to give a speech at this event.  We were proud of him for writing a speech that morning and delivering it so calmly to an audience of nearly 400 people!


After his speech, the 6th graders all filed onto the stage and the teachers took the podium.  They each offered a commencement address of sorts, full of advice about the middle and high school years ahead.  Let’s hope those anxious 6th graders were listening!


I will miss watching these two walk out of school together each day.  They won’t attend the same school again until Sam is a junior and Maggie a freshman in high school.  And the way time is flying, that will be here before we know it!


I got a little teary watching the slideshows at both of the school ceremonies, but it’s hard to feel too sad when he is so clearly ready for this next phase of life.  Middle school was rough for me, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a different story for this guy.  He has been launched by brilliant teachers who set him up to succeed at the next level.  He’s selected band, Spanish, debate, and applied technology as his 7th grade electives, and will soar with teachers who specialize in their content areas.

Most importantly, he’s curious.  He’s motivated.  He’s reflective.  He’s bright and witty, kind and athletic.  He can’t wait for a locker of his own and this whole new world of opportunities.

I’m telling you, I can’t wait to take him shopping for a 2016 version of the Trapper Keeper!

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