Easter Cheers

There are friends, there are families, and then there are friends who feel like family.  We are grateful for our Alaskan circle of friends every day, but especially on holidays.  How lucky that we have children close in age who genuinely enjoy each other’s company?  Our kids have relationships similar to the ones I had with my cousins when I was younger, and it’s been fun to watch them grow up together.  This year we celebrated Easter Eve.

These kids are changing faster than the Easter Bunny can dole out marshmallow peeps!  Four short years (2015 vs. 2019) makes quite a difference:

They are all teenagers now, so it’s not surprising that they opted to play four square outside after dinner instead of dying eggs with their moms.  (I have a hunch it was more about getting out of our earshot than the four square.)  One thing that hasn’t changed is how much they love the bread bunny my friend Keri bakes every year – as always, it was devoured!

This was the first year we didn’t do an egg hunt on Easter morning, but I did hide their baskets and write a brief scavenger hunt.  Clark says I need to let it go, but it’s hard!  I remember getting an Easter basket with a dictionary in it my senior year of high school, and I still have that dictionary!  The scavenger hunt took them upstairs, downstairs, outside, and eventually to the bathtub where they found their baskets and a little something for Tess and the chickens as well.

The highlight was this photo, rolled up on the top of each basket:


(Notice the drool on the letter S?  I was holding a Dentastix treat above my head trying to get her to look at the camera, and that didn’t work so well.)  But yes, now that Tess is 5 we decided to bring home a sister for her this summer.  Stay tuned on that chaotic decision!

On Easter we were invited to a family brunch at one of Sam’s friend’s homes.  There was only one rule:  everyone in attendance had to wear a a customized Easter bonnet!  We decorated bonnets with our friends on Easter Eve, and they turned out great.  Hot glue was key:  to attach soccer eggs for Sam, peeps for Clark, and silk flowers with glittery eggs to mine.  Maggie’s was a bit more unique:  her hair became the bonnet, as we created a bird’s nest bun on top of her head!

It was fun to see all the creative bonnets, and there was a huge outdoor Easter egg hunt for the teens.  We even made Peep S’mores!  Now that Sam’s in high school he is developing a tight knit group of buddies, and they seem like great kids.

Our Easter weekend was a nice blend of nostalgia and new memories.  Old friends, new friends, and our baskets are filled with happy memories!

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