At Least We Smell Like We Went Camping

I type tonight with dirty fingernails, weary muscles, and sunburned skin.  It is Memorial Day weekend, and for that I am grateful.  Especially grateful to the men – my grandfathers included – and women who fought to make this a country where we can all make our own choices about most anything one can choose to make a choice about.  Thank you. This weekend we … Continue reading At Least We Smell Like We Went Camping

A Photographic History of Us

Last week Clark and I celebrated the big 1-0.  Really?  Ten years of marriage… that’s it?!  What a ripoff!  When you date and live with someone for eight years before heading down the aisle, the wedding anniversaries just don’t paint a true picture of your history together. Our history.  Hmmmm.  Let’s reflect.  I’d love to spout out a line or two about pre-kid days, but … Continue reading A Photographic History of Us

Guilty Rewards

It seems like so many of our greatest accomplishments in life go unnoticed.  Since becoming a mother I sometimes feel bitter about this, secretly wishing my family would paint me a homemade merit badge for all it takes to keep our little unit happy.  It’s not easy to simultaneously keep our children alive (I mean nurtured) and the countertops free of cereal crumbs (I mean … Continue reading Guilty Rewards