All Buggy Eyed

I tell our children that reading is a gift.  A gift that cannot be stolen, and one they will have for life.  I firmly believe it, too.  History has a tragic track record of denying people the right to read in an attempt to prevent them from revolting against oppression. Ironically, there are many amazing books that best illustrate this point. Take Nightjohn by Gary … Continue reading All Buggy Eyed

Old Mom, New Tricks

Lately I’ve been dabbling my toes outside my comfort zone a bit, and on all accounts I’m coming up short.  It’s got me in a funk, because these shortcomings are making me feel like a lame mother. It started a few weeks ago when we took the kids skiing at Alyeska.  I don’t ski, so I deemed myself the photodocumentarian.  It was adorable to watch … Continue reading Old Mom, New Tricks

You Go Girls: Katniss, Clementine, and Ramona!!

So the past two nights have basically been spent in tears.  Self-inflicted, and all in the name of recreation thanks to a couple of books that were intended for teenagers rather than blubbering 40-year-olds. Actually, one of them was intended for 5-year-olds:  Ramona and Beezus.  Who knew I’d need Kleenex for that?!  It wasn’t just the cat’s funeral (although that was brutal) but more so … Continue reading You Go Girls: Katniss, Clementine, and Ramona!!

Blooming Where We’re Transplanted

“Bloom where you’re planted.” I have no idea who originally came up with this brilliant gem of advice, but I was the parent of a four-year-old the first time I heard it uttered by Teacher Tom at the Anchorage Cooperative Preschool.  It’s one of those phrases that has stuck with me ever since. My family and I have just returned from the World Ice Art … Continue reading Blooming Where We’re Transplanted

Never Enough Time

I’m a little bitter that our annual transition to daylight savings time coincides with spring break this year.  If I’m going to have an hour stolen from my life, why can’t it be during a staff meeting at work rather than a precious week when my parents are visiting?  Our time with them is so rare that I couldn’t help but feel resentful as I … Continue reading Never Enough Time

It’s not always good to be green…

This afternoon I found myself on a lunch date with my son.  It was just the two of us, and he was begging to dine at Sicily’s Buffet.  Personally, I loathe buffets.  But there we were, standing at the paint counter at Home Depot with hungry bellies, his eyes twinkling as described the drink station at this Sicily’s place.  (Now that he’s tall enough to … Continue reading It’s not always good to be green…

Coming Out of the Closet

So the other night I was clanking away on my keyboard, documenting the details of the kids’ school dances.  My husband was sitting next to me on the couch, watching Pawn Stas at a volume that was driving me insane, when he suddenly paused the show and said, “Who exactly is the audience for this blog thing, anyway?” I wasn’t sure how to respond.  I … Continue reading Coming Out of the Closet