Seventeen: A Snapshot

I subscribed to a magazine called Seventeen when I was a teenager. The glossy covers were a staple in my adolescent bedroom, along with tubes of blue mascara and Aqua Net hairspray. I spent hours lying on my waterbed, flipping through pages and taking random quizzes about everything from skin care to dating. Fast forward to 2023, where my seventeen year old daughter is living … Continue reading Seventeen: A Snapshot

Fifteen: One Cool Ride

Happy {gasp} 15th Birthday to Sam! Long gone are the days of planning themed parties around my children’s passions.  Last weekend Sam invited a few friends via SnapChat, and I think the theme was “Come hang at my house and we’ll avoid my parents as much as possible.” In all seriousness, Sam and his friends are all great kids.  They even let me torture them … Continue reading Fifteen: One Cool Ride

Sam Bam

Tomorrow Sam turns 10, so this is our last snapshot of his single digit years: I think he looks happy?  We’re not messing up too terribly, right? He was still up reading at 11:53 pm, so I yanked him out of bed.  It was only seven minutes until his birthday, and I needed to clutch him close and tell him that the past decade has … Continue reading Sam Bam