Toothless Again

It’s not Christmas, but someone in our house is asking for a few front teeth.  Both of Maggie’s have fallen out in the past two weeks, and we are embracing her stereotypical 6-year-old grin: I snapped photos of Maggie’s tooth fairy letters before they were whisked away by the little winged creature, but the fairy keeps ignoring her request to leave a picture.  Hmph.  At … Continue reading Toothless Again

The Very-Good-No-Worst Day

We have this game we play at dinner called “Best & Worst,” where everyone at the table shares the best and worst events of their day.  Today, hardly anyone had a worst to share.  Maggie’s worst was scraping her knee when she fell off her scooter, and my worst was forgetting to take towels to the pool.  None of the other six people at the … Continue reading The Very-Good-No-Worst Day