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Staycation 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, thanks in part to a week of toxic technology. My laptop was the first thing to go, crashing and burning and refusing to let me open a single file.  It’s currently over at Alaska Computer Geeks, and I have my fingers crossed that the technician over there can recover everything, especially the seven months of photos that piled up since my last backup.  The simple data transfer has already failed, so if he can access my files it will cost a lovely $380.  Who’s kicking herself now?

(If you are reading this, stop.  Go back up your computer right now.)

Clark’s laptop was the next to go.  Apparently our hard drives are such kindred spirits that they decided to go to their graves within days of each other.  How sweet.  Luckily his hard drive doesn’t have as many sacred documents stored on it, so I’m waiting until our next pay period to take it in for data recovery.

(If you are still reading this, what is wrong with you?!  Seriously, go back up your computer.  Right now!!)

This weekend we broke down and bought a new laptop, and are now smack dab in the middle of a Windows 8 learning curve.  It’s painful.

Despite the computer woes, last week was still spring break and broken hard drives could not completely break our spirits.  I had grandiose plans of painting many interior rooms in our home.  Running diagnostics on two Dells ate into much of that time, but I did manage to paint the ceilings so at least it wasn’t a total loss.

And no technology headache could keep me from a last-minute moms and kids excursion to Girdwood.  Two of my girlfriends and I rented a house down there, and we spent three days taking walks outside, skiing, snowshoeing, swimming, eating, drinking, and playing board games.  (We also spent a fair amount of time chasing bread trails of lost gear, playing referee with the older kids, and dancing around a toddler nap schedule… but we are Supermoms and handled it all with grace.)

I may have angered the technology gods last week, but the sunshine gods were smiling down on all of us.  It was glorious.

So without further ado, here are some pics from our Staycation 2013 Girdwood Excursion.  I would have posted them sooner, but it was nearly impossible without a functioning computer.  Sigh.

(It’s a lot of photos, but I figure they are safer here than on my laptop.  Double sigh.)

One thought on “Staycation 2013

  1. As usual your words draw pictures in my mind. What a wonderful childhood your children will have to look back in. Love you all Gramma Q

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