Christmas in July

Clark and the kids gave me a box set of Little House on the Prairie DVD’s on Christmas morning.  The entire series came in an adorable little house shaped box, and I absolutely loved it!

Sadly, the little house of DVD’s collected dust for a few months, as if our entire family packed up and moved to Mankato or something.  I guess real life was a little too busy for prairie life reminiscing.

But now summer is here, and Maggie’s bedtime is a wee bit later than Mary or Laura’s.  We’ve been staying up late to binge watch Little House on the Prairie.  (Is that even a thing?)

I do worry about dehydration, because I profusely leak through my eyeballs at some point in every episode.  Maggie has been known to shed a tear or two as well.  She was terrified when Pa almost slaughtered the horses for food when they were stranded in a spring blizzard.  And she wept right along with Laura when Nellie took ownership of Bunny, that beloved black horse.

Maggie catches me at vulnerable, teary moments at the end of each episode.  She sees my weakness and pounces:  “Can we watch another one?”

Last night we queued one up at midnight.  Ma and Pa never would have allowed such recklessness!  The pace is slower, and it takes over 50 minutes to savor a single episode.

Oftentimes Clark and Sam get sucked into the show as well.  Let’s just put it this way:  if there was a Little House 101 quiz, we would all pass with flying colors.

Christmas was seven months ago, but watching this show with my own little half pint is the best gift of all!  Thank you, family!

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