Losing Our Baby… Teeth

Our daughter is downright giddy tonight: A few weeks ago one of her bottom teeth started to wiggle.  I figured it would be a good six months until she lost it, judging by her brother’s loose-to-loss ratio.  But this girl is tenacious.  She has been viciously biting into apples and carrots, rotating it with her index finger, and pushing on it with her tongue.  Her … Continue reading Losing Our Baby… Teeth

At Least We Smell Like We Went Camping

I type tonight with dirty fingernails, weary muscles, and sunburned skin.  It is Memorial Day weekend, and for that I am grateful.  Especially grateful to the men – my grandfathers included – and women who fought to make this a country where we can all make our own choices about most anything one can choose to make a choice about.  Thank you. This weekend we … Continue reading At Least We Smell Like We Went Camping

Hail Summer!

I still vividly remember sitting in a classroom at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln back in 1992ish.  It was a small course at the Teacher’s College, and the professor asked the 30 or so of us why we wanted to become educators.  One curmudgeonly old dude (he was probably 30) raised his hand and said, “Three reasons:  June, July, and August.”  Half the class laughed, but … Continue reading Hail Summer!


I’m worried about our old dog.  Yesterday I came home and found her stuck half in and half out of her doggie door.  It requires a slight hop to get through, and her back legs barely have the strength anymore.  I helped her outside, where she  struggled to squat and do her business.  She typically prefers to be outdoors, but yesterday she wanted to come … Continue reading Yellow

All Buggy Eyed

I tell our children that reading is a gift.  A gift that cannot be stolen, and one they will have for life.  I firmly believe it, too.  History has a tragic track record of denying people the right to read in an attempt to prevent them from revolting against oppression. Ironically, there are many amazing books that best illustrate this point. Take Nightjohn by Gary … Continue reading All Buggy Eyed

Old Mom, New Tricks

Lately I’ve been dabbling my toes outside my comfort zone a bit, and on all accounts I’m coming up short.  It’s got me in a funk, because these shortcomings are making me feel like a lame mother. It started a few weeks ago when we took the kids skiing at Alyeska.  I don’t ski, so I deemed myself the photodocumentarian.  It was adorable to watch … Continue reading Old Mom, New Tricks

Bird-Themed Birthday Party

In case anyone else out there wants to throw a bird-themed party, I thought I’d share a few ideas that we used to pull it all together.  When Maggie initially picked this theme, I had no idea what we would do.  In the end, we had more ideas than we could use! Designing the invitations is my favorite step in the party planning process.  I … Continue reading Bird-Themed Birthday Party