Boat Log 9: Boxlers on Board!

We took a day trip with the Boxlers on a gloriously calm, sunny Sunday.  We hit the 10:30 tunnel to Whittier, along with many other people.  There were long lines at the launch!  We were also surprised that all the fee stations now took credit cards instead of cash envelopes.  It’s still $20 to launch/retrieve. We headed to the rookerie to look at birds before … Continue reading Boat Log 9: Boxlers on Board!

Boat Log 5

Sunday, July 13, 2014 Clark has several one-liners that he repeats ad nauseam.  “Well, success is measured in many different ways…”  is one of his favorites.  He typically puffs up his chest and releases this phrase in one long exhale after an unsuccessful hunting or fishing excursion. I’ve heard this gem more than enough for this lifetime (no offense to his hunting or fishing prowess) … Continue reading Boat Log 5